I would appreciate it if you could review my Resume. If you are considering hiring someone with my background, now or in the future, you may be pleased you did.Lived in Bangladesh so far, experienced various challenges in Apparels/Textiles/Retail industries in various environments, got some experience and good connections … and plan to move to my next great opportunity. Networker  honored to have few thousands Direct Contacts, Top-managers, Retailer, Buyer, Manufacturer and Highly-skilled Professionals, allowing me to reach business goal around the glove.

13+ years total experience in business development, marketing & merchandising and production management. Presently working at Benetex Industries Limited based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

CORE CAPABILITIES Apparel Marketing, Merchandising and production management, costing, order development, sourcing materials, deal with direct Retailer, production planning & follow-up, earner of customer’s confidence, over comer from a critical situation by instant decision making.

Merchandising Fashion Export & Import, Product Development, Buying Agency, catalysts, Optimization of taxes and duties, best price selection, Local import sourcing strategy, Estimation of target price, Selection of right source

Supervised, managed and implemented marketing & merchandising in the area of Woven, Knit and Sweater.

Passion for developing transferable knowledge & expertise, team dynamics and accountability at all levels.

Therefore I must obtain a position elsewhere. My 13 years experience makes me a strong candidate for a position in Merchandising, Marketing and production management field.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my credentials with you at a mutually convenient time. Thank you for your consideration.

If you wish to send me an Email just click on the Contact Link I am looking forward to hearing from you! If you do not need someone right now please bookmark this page, you may need my services at a future date. If you have time perhaps you could sign my Guest book and let me know you visited my Web Site.

Thank you!

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