Week – #17 Decisiveness – the Decision Skill

Leadership Without Being in Charge

This week I am looking for decisiveness, in me and in the world.  It might be useful to define what it is.  With a little online research, we find many potential fables and myths.

Decisive people tend to be successful while indecisive people tend to fail. 

Research shows that decisiveness is good for us. 

I have not found the research to support either of these two DOwhatYOUfearstatements yet. They are plausible and we have been all taught plausible that isn’t true.

The short definition is 1. having the power or quality of deciding; putting an end to controversy [in your mind at least].

Therefore, you have to be able to decide to be decisive. Decides root is to cut, to eliminate all but one. Same with suicide, infanticide and homicide, which may be why some people ovoid deciding all together?

You must have a basis for your decision other than…

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