Week – #20 Discipline a Path to Success

Leadership Without Being in Charge

This week I am focusing on discipline. I will find more of it too. I grew up where if someone had to say it twice the consequences were felt immediately.  I learned quickly and discovered how to avoid negative attention. My childhood discipline was useful in my naval career.  The ability to follow directions, correctly, the first time was useful on board a submarine.  I am disciplined in many things and I do not suffer certain kinds of motivation well.
Discipline is another mountain with no top. There is always more and better.

It will take years to go through the entire list of values and virtues if I only do them all once. Some of these will deserve my attentiveness more than once.  We all want to do more than just survive. We want to thrive on our own terms.  That means, when it has appeared for me, an…

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