Week – #20 The Origin of Evil – a Mirror Perhaps?

Leadership Without Being in Charge

Growing up the two refrains, I heard most often were:

‘The thing we least in others is what we least in ourselves.’

‘Just remember, when you point a finger at anyone, three are pointing back at you.’

3. All great things come through recognition; the scepter of power is consciousness, and thought is its messenger, and this messenger is constantly molding the realities of the invisible world into the conditions and environments of your objective world.

What about the not so great things (and everything else), is that too recognition or do we blame someone else?  Is it all thought or only the ones we attract or the even fewer we reinforce with our personal energy?

5. So long as you do this [only having thoughts] you limit yourself to superficial conditions, and make of yourself a beast of burden for those who think; those who recognize their power; those…

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