An Already Always Listening

Leadership Without Being in Charge

In a recent conversation with my dad, he told me a story where the retort to a given comment was ‘that is either SWAG or WAG, which one is it?’  SWAG is a scientific wild ass guess. That sums up far too much of everything today for me. Look at the science called economics or meteorology. Both appear from more than one perspective as WAG.  SWAG is their cover story.  Disagree with ‘them’ and YOU are the problem.  The same people are still outraged when another religion jailed Galileo for simply stating the truth that this earth revolves around the sun.

Today if you watch the weather channel, the descriptions of weather fronts appear as a ‘flat planet’ where the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. [The Sun does not move relative to us!]  The weather fronts move across a nonmoving planet at some kind of…

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