Hiroshima morning stroll by markusschilder

An early morning in Hiroshima. A very different image, but I love it. Not just the image, but the moment spent in Hiroshima. If you get up really in early in Japan you get rewarded with wonderful scenes unfolding in front of you. Hiroshima is very different to many, if not all other places in Japan. On this voyage and in previous ones too. Hiroshima has this very tight bound with history and right on the contrary to Europe, people in Hiroshima care about history and their fallen ones. Nowadays, every one passing by the A-bomb memorial, EVERYONE, stops and bows to the memorial for a couple of seconds. Compared to Europe where history is present too, no one would remember their own people and their suffering day in, day out for all this time. We have a memorial and people gather once at year. Here, you witness the same people every day. It is touching, deeply moving. Hope you enjoy this image.

As Seen on 500px – May 24, 2015 at 01:59AM


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