Land of the Dragons by julvar

The Chinese dragon is a mythical creature most closely associated with Sino-Vietnamese tradition, signifying continuity, imperial power, stability, prosperity, and good fortune. Having spent enough time in Southeast Asia, I noticed decorative dragons everywhere on the locals’ houses. One day I was walking in Hoi An, enjoying the architecture and found myself face to face with this huge stone dragon sculpture. And that’s when I had the idea of “what would happen if I were to bring this dragon to life?” So I photographed the dragon sculpture from different angles and with post-processing I tried to bring this idea to life. The stormy sky was photographed in Tam Cook, the background mountains are from Haloing Bay and the small tree in the right corner was stolen (ok, borrowed ) from the garden of my guest house. This composite image is my tribute for the people of Southeast Asia.

As Seen on 500px – May 27, 2015 at 01:30AM


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