Next to Us-1 by BeNowMeHere

When I talked to a friend of mine about one of the reasons that I’m into photography, which is:

“Seeing and sharing the beautiful: Many of us ignore or don’t even notice the beautiful things around us in the rush of the day.”

First, I was upset about her reaction:

“But, Engin, you go to the beautiful places that many people can not go…”

She was absolutely right…

However, I’m sure that beautiful things are everywhere…Just, we need to see…Flowers, trees, sky, clouds, animals, people, nature…That is the universe its self…

And, just because of that reason, she inspired me to create this new photo series: “Next to Us”

Traveling shouldn’t be the only way to see & to share the beauties…. There should be something more accessible….Like the beauties around…Beauties next to us…All the beautiful things that we could easily ran into in our daily life…on our commute…around our home…while waiting a bus…while doing sports etc.

No need to travel to see these beauties…no need to spend money…just we need to be aware of them and focus on how beautiful they are…And how wonderful life is….

Do you have eyes to see them?

As Seen on 500px – May 28, 2015 at 12:51AM


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